Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just for a Day?

I know I know, I just had Julia in a cap I did like... a day ago.
BUT, I decided to do another since Boris wanted an M2F one.

On that note, I most likely won't be catering to the specificity of your request in the Celeb post
unless you mention what kind of swap you want.

So yes. People who want specifics with their celebs, either say it in your
request, or don't be disappointed (please), because I can't read your mind! ^.^;
Also, it makes me feel like I wasted my time.
And I don't like wasting my precious time...
Lol... ENJOY! 


  1. WOW! POWERFUL story & super use of pic. One of your very best! I love that that his body is horrible& Julia is grossde out & just stays in his hour ( Nice touch that the beard catches food!)
    Also, he makes good use of her lovely form, enjoyng himself withher friends & LOL even he now his husband!

    Does he find away to stay her forever & trap her as him?

  2. The TV reality is a good idea but I don't think celebs will do it if they don't have some guarantees (like "no TG" or "not with an ugly and perverted guy"...). It doesn't seem credible to me. Sorry

    1. You'd be surprised the things people sign away for money...

      Also, with the promise of being "just for a day", I'm sure many celebs wouldn't mind doing this. Moreover, if we were to create an actual make-believe, legal document for this, I'm sure it would have certain clauses such as "if any injuries are sustained while swapped member is in celebrity's body, they will pay the necessary fine [yada yada yada]".

      I don't know F'zoid...I think I could see certain celebs doing this!

  3. Celebs would do this, if you count reality tv "celebs" then you'd have lots of choices, or those ones on tv shows like "I love the (insert decade)" .

    Not many in Hollywood would turn down a check :P


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